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Jiloak links is committed to achieving each client's definition of success. Jiloak Links LLC is one of NYC's newest locally owned and managed Accounting office- delivering value through local, national and international resources. Our team- based culture enables us to develop strong, successful client relationships through the retention of talented, experienced, entrepreneurial professionals. Our goal is to listen to and understand how you define success for your business. Jiloak Link’s services are specifically designed to meet the current and future needs of our clients. M/WBE certified in New York City, and affiliated with Daniju CPA, with offices in NYC and Nigeria. Jiloak links is able to provide national and global account resources to its Clients as they expand their operations.

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Located in Tri State servicing The Bronx, Tri State and Brooklyn

Relationships and expectation

Jiloak Links is committed to achieving each client's definition of success. Our goal is to listen and understand how you define a successful relationship with your Accountant. We believe that success is predicated on communication, relationship and mutual expectations. This is a key driver in our service delivery Model. We encourage face-to-face meetings to plan our work, set expectations and meet this goal. We believe that a dedicated team is the most efficient and accountable approach to service delivery. Our J Links team is generally a partner, managers and in-charge staff person. The team will be the primary contact for communication, coordination and delivery of services. We are structured this way to assure that access to our office is simple and response time is short. We also recommend a formal acknowledgement of a direct reporting relationship between the client and J Links Team. We commit to develop an interactive working relationship.

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